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CPP Lab team

  • 8 Nationalities
  • 17 people
  • Mean age: 28
  • 6 scientific backgrounds (psychology, cognitive science, engineering, pharmacy,  biomedical sciences, anthropology)
  • 1 mission: Collaborating and having fun together to understand how the brain implements the mind.
  • Postdoc

    Irene Togoli

    FSR, UCLouvain

    Irene is interested in the sensory and neural mechanisms of magnitude perception, with a particular focus on numerosity and time perception, and their interaction and calibration.
  • Postdoc

    Michele Fornaciai

    Marie-Curie, UCLouvain

    Michele is interested in how the brain integrates past and present sensory information to make perception more stable and efficient, and how such integration shapes our conscious experience of the external world
  • Postdoc

    Jacek Matuszewski

    FSR; UCLouvain

    Jacek is interested in factors that shape functional and structural brain organization, underlying perception and language processing in multiple sensory modalities, including their interactions with training or sensory deprivation during development.
  • Postdoc

    Jeanne Caron-Guyon

    WBI; UCLouvain

    Jeanne is interested in understanding the multisensory integration mechanisms underlying motion perception, across species and at different scales of neural processing, and how they are influenced by sensory experience.
  • Postdoc

    Giada Lettieri

    Marie-Curie, UCLouvain

    Giada is interested in understanding how visual experience shapes the development
    of emotional representation in the mind, the body, and the brain.
  • Postdoc

    Ceren Battal

    FNRS; UCLouvain

    Ceren is interested in how sensory experience affects the spatial representations in the brain.  
  • PhD student

    Eléonore Giraudet

    FNRS; UCLouvain

    Eléonore is interested in understanding the processing and conceptualisation of olfactory information, as well as the mechanisms of brain plasticity in the absence of olfactory input.
  • PhD student

    Iqra Shahzad

    Multitouch-ITN; UCLouvain

    Iqra is interested in studying the visual-tactile motion processing in human brain to generate coherent multisensory experiences using multisensory HCIs.
  • PhD student

    Marie Ange Azouri


    Marie- Ange is investigating the auditory speech perception in prelingually cochlear implant users as well as how sign language would impact on language and auditory perception in CI users.
  • PhD student

    Ying Yang


    Ying is interested in studying crossmodal numerosity and whether (or not) there is a supramodal representation of numerosity in the human brain.
  • PhD student

    Giulia Esposito

    Multitouch-ITN; UCLouvain

    Giulia is interested in how the brain integrates tactile and visual/auditory stimuli under conditions of active touch, and how this knowledge can be used to develop next-generation multisensory human-computer interfaces.
  • PhD student

    Alice Van Audenhaege

    FNRS; UCLouvain

    Alice is interested in understanding the constraints driving the functional specialization of the ventral visual cortex for reading.
  • PhD student

    Filippo Cerpelloni

    UCLouvain-KUL Collaboration Grant

    Filippo is interested in studying the processing of different categories of stimuli and their mental representations, as well as the changes elicited by brain plasticity.
  • PhD student

    Roberta Pia Calce

    FNRS; UCLouvain

    Roberta is interested in investigating how the voice categorization process changes through development, testing newborns and infants through the use of electroencephalography
  • PhD student

    Marco Barilari

    EOS; UCLouvain

    Marco is interested in studying the functional reorganization of the visually deprived brain using high-field neuroimaging.
  • PhD student

    Siddharth Talwar

    EOS, UCLouvain

    Siddharth is interested in studying the impact of cross-modal plasticity on uni / multi-sensory mechanisms in sight restored and cochlear implant users, using M/EEG.

Visiting Scholar/Intern

Summer 13: Audrey Doualot (Phd student at Université du Québec à Montréal-UQAM)

Summer 14: Alan Tucholka (Investigator at BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center)

Summer 15: Ulyana Semyonkina (Msc student at University College Amsterdam)

Autumn 15: Ane Gurtubay (Phd student at the University of Barcelona)

Autumn-Winter 16/17: Irene Togoli (PhD student at the University of Florence)

Winter 17: Ane Gurtubay (Phd student at the University of Barcelona)

Winter 17: Chiara Maffei (Phd student at CIMeC -U. Trento)

Spring 18: Małgorzata Pawlak (Msc student University of Warsaw)

Spring 18: Ilaria Corradore (Msc student University of Trento)

Autumn 18: Roberta Pia Calce (Msc student University of Trento)

Autumn-Winter 19/20: Ludovica Casotto (MSc student University of Trento)

Winter-Summer 22: Marcia Nunes (MSc student University of Lisbon)

Spring-Summer 22 / Autumn 22: Michèle MacLean (Phd student at University of Montreal)


  • Maxime Pelland
  • Gaia Lapomarda
  • Giorgia Bertonati
  • Jodie Davies-Thompson
  • Karen Cuculiza
  • Lisa Novello
  • Giuseppe Rabini
  • Valentina Foa
  • Hicret Atilgan
  • Erica Giorgione
  • Joshua Zonca
  • Barbara Khalibinzwa
  • Francesca Baruffaldi
  • Benedetta Heimler
  • Giulia Dormal
  • Ambra Ferrari
  • Giulia Elli
  • Stefania Benetti
  • Remi Gau
  • Stefania Mattioni
  • Roberto Bottini (
  • Lorenzo Vignali
  • Yangwen Xu
  • Ane Gurtubay-Antolin
  • Mohamed Rezk
  • Francesca Barbero
  • Federica Falagiarda
  • Jyothirmayi Vadlamudi
  • Stephanie Cornet
  • Simon Girard
  • Markus Van Ackeren
  • Stefania Ferraro
  • Virginie Crollen
  • Valeria Occelli

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